About the author

I began writing seriously in 2003. Despite working full time and with a family, I began pounding keys into the early hours, striving to become a literary short story writer.

That didn’t work.

But some lessons were learnt, and as I stepped across the border into genre and longer fiction, I attempted to bring some of that literary experience with him.

Since those early days, I’ve written over a million words of long fiction, and will be publishing at least two full-length novels in 2018.

In addition to all this high-jinks, you can catch me pontificating about literary short stories on the [ Literary Roadhouse ] most weeks and, occasionally, on the monthly book club at that place.

I’m a member of three local writing groups, each of which is different to the others.

I’m in The Victory Book club – our meetings are held in a local pub. Called The Victory. What’s not to like? Books, people, beer. A perfect night out.

In my leisure time I ride my bike, unless it’s raining. Or cold. Or dark.

Thank you for reading. That’s all I ask.