It’s #SampleSunday time again

I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted to this blog since last Sunday. Shame on me.

I’ve got something a little different for you this week. The first thing I have is a very short story (680 words), written when I was sitting, overlooking the sea on a sunny weekend. It occurred to me how the sounds I could hear would paint a picture for someone who wasn’t sighted. That’s “Sights and Sounds” (which appeared in an online anthology a couple of years ago).

I’ve also taken part in something I’ve not seen before – it’s called 5 X 5 (Five By Five). The idea is to write a very short story (sometimes called Flash Fiction), which comprises exactly five sentences, each of exactly five words. It’s actually harder than you think.

I hope you like this weeks #SampleSunday. If you do like it, there’s more in my short story collections, available from Amazon for Kindle, and also on Smashwords for Sony and other readers, and shortly to be available on iBooks and Barnes and Noble, and many other online outlets.

You can find today’s #SampleSunday on the page Sample Sunday


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