The good thing about not visiting your blog for a while is all the comment spam that suddenly appears, usually within half an hour of each other.

And so it happened today. All have been marked as spam, of course, but some of them are too hilarious to not share:

Thank you so much for this artecli, it saved me time!

That’s a subtle way of thnnkiig about it.

You write so holsteny about this. Thanks for sharing!

That’s a clever answer to a tricky quteoisn

You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arteslic.

The voice of ratltnaiioy! Good to hear from you.

I’m shoekcd that I found this info so easily.

Knocked my socks off with knlweodge!

A wonderful job. Super helpful innaomotirf.

Well done to think of somiehtng like that

I bow down humbly in the presence of such grnsteeas.

That’s really thniking at a high level

That’s not even 10 mitenus well spent!

Now, I must admit to not really understanding all this. What do they get out of it? Are they hoping I’ll reply to their email address, or click on their website Silly people.


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