I am very pleased to announce “Vision for 2020”. This is not some PR branding wonkishness. It’s a year-long forward plan which will take part of my substantial back catalogue of Works-In-Progress, and embark on an ambitious self-publishing schedule.
I shall be publishing one full-length novel per month, on the first of each month. These novels are currently at various stages of completion, but will be published as complete, edited novels.
The draft schedule is:

January: Deceit (political thriller)
February: Meltdown (apocalyptic thriller)
March: Corruption (political thriller)
April: Wildfire (apocalyptic thriller)
May: Death Spiral (dark crime)
June: Death in Print (dark crime)
July: PJ & Carla (cosy crime / romance)
August: Body on the Beach (cosy crime)
September: Shed No Tear (political thriller}
October: Trick or Treat (dark crime)
November: Footprints (apocalyptic thriller)
December: Twelve Days of Christmas (dark crime)

The publication schedule might change, depending on external issues. Some works are closer to publication than others, and I may swap them around during the year.
The books will be released in print and ebook form on Amazon. I may publish them on other platforms, and they will be available, signed, direct from me. For subscribers at the $5 level to my Patreon channel ebooks will be sent out free each month.


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