End of year – 2018

Look back on 2018 This was an interesting year, for sure. I looked back on my goals for 2018, written around this time last year.Embarrassing.2018 was going to be The Year Of Publishing Dangerously.I was going to publish at least 4 (count ‘em) novels this last year. I was also going to publish two collections of short fiction, too.Hmm. That didn’t quite happen.One of the problems with a huge store of Works-In-Progress is that it’s difficult to decide what you should concentrate on. Which will have the most beneficial effect on my writing career? Which do I want to publish … Continue reading End of year – 2018

End of year 2017

2017 ROUNDUP Hello, faithful reader (who am I kidding?) As you may know, if you’ve ever been near this blog before, at the end of the year I analyse what I’ve done, writing-wise, during the year. And I use last year’s writing goals as the yardstick by which I measure my success over the year. So, without further ado, let’s look at how I measured up. 1) Write one short story a week for the Bradbury Challenge 2017. I can definitely do this. I have far too many ideas for me to stop writing them now. Okay. Let’s start with … Continue reading End of year 2017