#SampleSunday 19th June 2011

After a hiatus from #SampleSunday, I’m back again. This is a chapter from my current, as yet untitled, work-in-progress. It might be called “Buried”, but it might not. This is from the first draft of the novel, so there may be some elements which will change (hopefully, for the better) in the final version. If you enjoy this small piece, I hope you’ll consider my two collections of short stories and flash fiction. They’re only 71p (UK) or 99c (US). For Kindle in the UK: .: BMT 1 :. and .: BMT 2 :. For Kindle in the US: .: … Continue reading #SampleSunday 19th June 2011

#SampleSunday 20th March 2011

It’s back to #SampleSunday for me after a couple of weeks off. I hope you enjoy them. If you do, please consider my two collections of short stories, from which they are taken. They’re only 71p (UK) or 99c (US). For Kindle in the UK: .: BMT 1 :. and .: BMT 2 :. For Kindle in the US: .: BMT 1 :. and .: BMT 2 :. On Smashwords: .: BMT 1 :. and .: BMT 2 :. And in print: .: BMT :. DREAMS OF CHILDREN Pauline insisted. “I know we’re going to have a child. It was … Continue reading #SampleSunday 20th March 2011

#Sample Sunday 6th March 2011

Something a bit different this week. Less dour than most of the other stories in my collections, it has elements of humour in it. Which is a bit unusual for me. It deals with faded celebrity, but with a slightly uplifting tone. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please consider my two collections of short stories, from which this piece is taken. They’re only 71p (UK) or 99c (US). For Kindle in the UK: .: BMT 1 :. .: BMT 2 :. For Kindle in the US: .: BMT 1 :. .: BMT 2 :. On Smashwords: .: … Continue reading #Sample Sunday 6th March 2011

#SampleSunday – 27th February 2011

I really do love Sample Sunday. I don’t do a lot of marketing in the week, but on Sunday, it’s a chance for me to share some of my writing, perhaps with people who aren’t aware of my work. Sometimes I post new writing, sometimes it’s writing I’ve had on my books for a while. This week, as last week, it’s a selection from my two current collections, .: Bleak Midwinter Tales :. and .: Bleak Midwinter Tales 2 :. . They’re also available from Amazon.com in the US on .: BMT :. and .: BMT 2 :. The first … Continue reading #SampleSunday – 27th February 2011

20th Feb – #SampleSunday

This week, I have a small selection of short fiction from my two books, comprising Bleak Midwinter Tales. They’re all of $0.99 or £0.71, from all good Kindle sales outlets everywhere. That’s Amazon to you and me. Also available from Smashwords for other e-readers or PC reading. Click on the little pictures on the right for details. It’s also available in print form from Lulu – where you get both books, plus two more pieces of short fiction, plus the prologue to my forthcoming novel “Death in Print”. Sounds like a bargain to me. See .: THIS PAGE :. for … Continue reading 20th Feb – #SampleSunday

#SampleSunday – 13th February 2011

First draft to Chapter One of “DEATH IN PRINT” – out soon. This is preceded by the prologue, also made available as a #SampleSunday on the 16th Jan – .: CLICK HERE :. Robert Casey stood facing the double doors into the main body of the bookshop, and took a deep breath. It was always like this, meeting his fans, the great unwashed who had given him his comfortable lifestyle. The bookstore owner, James something-or-other, bow tie adjusted perfectly around his bulging neck, stood at Casey’s right elbow, peering in through the window. Casey knew he was mentally counting the … Continue reading #SampleSunday – 13th February 2011

#SampleSunday – 6th February 2011

This week’s #SampleSunday piece is something new. In a lovely little writers’ group we have on Facebook, called “Writing Kindle Books”, we chat about writing, marketing, and football. One day, someone asked “What’s the next big thing in fiction?” We’ve had wizards, we’ve got vampires and the like, and … well, it seemed obvious. Gnomes. That’s right, gnomes are going to be The Next Big Thing in fiction. Just remember, you heard it here first. Here’s my piece. I hope you enjoy it. GERRY Steve took the tissue paper wrapping off it. “What do you think?” I looked up from … Continue reading #SampleSunday – 6th February 2011

#SampleSunday – 30th January 2011

TWELVE DAYS (– First draft –) Chapter 1 – 6:38pm, Monday 14th December The long-awaited and well-predicted fall of snow had finally arrived, and Detective Chief Inspector Danny McGregor turned up the collar on his overcoat, and jammed his hands back into his pockets. He hated winter – he hated the cold, he hated the rain, and he especially hated the snow. And he hated being called out on a cold, rainy, snowy night. Behind him, buses idled noisily at bus stops, steam rising lazily from their exhausts, and beyond that, cars on the dual carriageway created slooshing white noise … Continue reading #SampleSunday – 30th January 2011