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2010 -> 2011

Well, it’s the start of a New Year – as if that wasn’t obvious by the huge plethora of NY resolutions threads floating around.

To me, a NYR is a waste of time. Why should you start to do something at the new year, particularly? If you want to start a new regime, lose some weight, write more, send out more submissions, whatever, start it as soon as you think of it. Making it a NYR means that there’s more pressure to continue doing it when your heart just isn’t in it, or whether other aspects of your life make it difficult.

And then, of course, there’s the added aspect of many NYRs being made whilst under the influence of alcoholic substances. Made with the best of intentions, sure, but in the cold, hard, headache-filled light of day, you begin to realise that your resolutions were overly ambitious, at best, and perhaps darned impossible at worst.

I prefer to look forward to this time next year – what will I have achieved over the year? Will it have been a good year, a bad year, a sad year, a disastrous year? A year filled with euphoria, or with abject misery, or something in between?

As I get older, simply being around this time next year will be a great thing, and some achievement. Some things I wanted to achieve will have been, and no doubt some won’t have been. But the secret to a happy life is to go forward, achieving some ‘smart targets’, with some preparation and expectation of not achieving all of them.

I hope everyone I care for has a safe year, at least, and that there are at least some aspects of it that can be considered enjoyable. Everything else is a bonus!


Don’t you just hate it when …

… you pick up a previously-written novella, work your way through it, editing and rewriting, only to find when you get to the end that you never actually finished it in the first place? Grrr.

So, my first seaside murder mystery novella (or maybe it’s a novelette?) needs more work on it before it’s ready. To be honest, there was a previous one which really should have gone before this one. There’s a change of location which is better explained by the other novella, and the intention was always to release the two as a pair.

So, all drafts saved, all bug files and character outlines saved, and time to open up a whole new story.

C’est la vie.


New title on the way

I’m feeling fairly righteous this evening. I’m sitting on over 3,000 words of edited first draft. This was a novella I wrote a couple of years ago which has been sitting on my hard disk looking for a market.

It seems the Kindle could open up as a market for novellas, where the traditional pricing constraints of tree books don’t apply.

It’s features my series character as police detective, investigating a murder on the British coast. As written, it came out at about 25,000 words. So far, I’ve stuck pretty much to the original pacing, but when it’s rewritten, I’ll look at how it reads to see if it needs more or less, or should stay the same.


New writing

After spending some time on the production and marketing side of my writing, and enjoying a fairly quiet Christmas with family, it’s time to write again.

In the Brave New World of Kindle (BNWoK), the traditional restrictions on size of novel have all but disappeared. Micro fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels and epics can all be marketed and sold in the new electronic reading era.

So I have some ‘things’ I wrote a couple of years ago. In truth, they were two halves to my National Novel Writing Month submission, which both ended up at around 25,000 words. As such, finding a ‘home’ for them was almost impossible without changing them either up into full length novels (somewhere around 70,000 words), or down into long, short stories (say, around 10,000 – 15,000 words). Either would have meant an almost complete rewrite, but the stories themselves wouldn’t have lent themselves to being anything other than what they were – 25,000 word stories.

But now, such things can be edited, polished, and then published via the Amazon Digital text Platform (DTP), where they might find a few readers. This, to me, is much better than them sitting on various hard disks, having put many hours of work into them.

But then I have ideas for new writing. I have a post-apocalyptic story buzzing around in my head, and I have a development of my series character which could work out well.

Maybe I should stop hanging around on forums and Facebook (and updating blogs), and get on and writing.
#amwriting 🙂


Progress on my collections

After the brief lull last night to play with graphics, I decided to knuckle down and get my editing done.

And hurrah! It’s done! I have 25 stories for each of the collections, and around 15,000 words in each book.

Now, I have to do the boring bit of checking, formatting, rechecking, reformatting, re-rechecking, … etc etc. But, with a bit of luck and a following wind, the finished first collection should be uploaded sometime tomorrow.


Editing? I hate editing!

Yes, I really do. I mean, I’ve done the difficult bit. I’ve written the story, haven’t I? I’ve crafted the work, created the narrative. Isn’t that enough?

The fact is, I’ve seen enough so-so stories, and just plain rubbish writing, that I know I have to do the absolute best I can with everything I do. It’s what I would expect, especially if I was paying for something.

But God, I hate editing!

That’s why I played with covers tonight, instead of editing, and created what I think is a rather nice cover for my collection of shorts.

I hope it’s successful.

Cover for Bleak Midwinter Tales