For fans of John Le Carré and James Patterson.

Abi Gillespie’s life is turned upside-down when a bomb destroys a clearly-marked hospital in Syria, killing her brother Adrian and the young patient he was treating.
As she is dealing with her grief, a stranger brings evidence that all might not be as it seems. She begins an investigation which will link terrorists in Syria, the British Government, and dark forces who will stop at nothing to get their way.
Abi risks friendships, old and new, and even her own life, in order to answer the question:
Why was Adrian Gillespie killed?
Amazon reviews
"If you’re looking for a page turning story with a great plot then look no further. Brilliant characters, extremely well written too, and as I said, great plot, as well as being simply an enjoyable read"

"An excellent story with interesting characters. Particularly liked the short chapter and build up of suspense"
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