Efficient Novelist Programme

The Efficient Novelist programme shows you how I'm building my author career by writing and publishing a NEW novel every 13 weeks, building a catalogue of work which improves visibility, encourages read-through, and expands my readership.
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Course updates
22nd April 2022:
A new vlog!
21st April 2022:
Some of the most common questions about the @EfficientNovels course, and the answers:


Course launches May 1st. Only ten days to go!
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15th April 2022:
I've started vlogging again.
4th April 2022:
Produced a different version of the one-minute pitch for the course. The previous version was a bit... flat. So I recorded 2 other versions of the pitch, more or less following the script, and then selected clips and edited them together. I enjoyed the process, and I hope you enjoy the result.
2nd April 2022:
Edited introduction to the course uploaded to YouTube. This is a special, 3-minute segment which outlines the basics of the course.
1st April 2022:
Yes! Launch date has been announced. And it's just a month away!
16th March 2021:
This is an extract from one of my voiceovers. I'm trying to explain my thought processes, especially in the early modules - where I'm creating the story. Once you get to see the course, you'll understand that creating the story is *very* different to writing the manuscript.
Anyway, I thought this was an interesting extract.
17th Dec 2021: 
Deep in the process of recording videos for the course. It's an interesting part of the process. I'm used to teaching and mentoring one-to-one, and also group training, but this is something quite different. There is no feedback from the students. It's very 'open loop' - I'm putting stuff out there, and it's going to be some time before I get any feedback. Nature of the beast, I guess.
And it's also the first time I 'see myself in action'. And most of the time, at least in the early days, I'm not impressed.
I watch a lot of instructional videos, and I thought it would be easy to do.
But at least I get the chance to review it before it goes out. And, of course, re-record it!
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