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In the dynamic landscape of self-publishing, crafting a compelling story is just the beginning. To truly thrive in the literary arena, authors need a strategic partner that goes beyond manuscript analysis – they need Self-Marketing Insights. Our innovative service is designed exclusively for self-publishers, selling their books in the Amazon Kindle store - offering a comprehensive analysis of both their books and marketing strategies.

At Self-Marketing Insights, we understand that success in self-publishing extends beyond the writing process. We will examine your strategy to provide a holistic evaluation of your work.

In Phase One, we examine the sector in which your book is placed, and how the Amazon average sales rank compares with the competition within the sector (i.e. how many other titles are registered). Also, we look at various categories and sub-genres within the genre, to see whether a change of category (whilst still being appropriate) would yield better commercial results. We can also looks at keywords which help with discovery within the Kindle store.

In Phase Two, we examine the book title, use of subtitle, and pricing, comparing with both bestsellers and new authors. This is often an untapped resource for the selling proposition.

Finally, Phase Three sees us examine the appearance and writing quality issue. This is what we refer to as the bookstore browsing test, mimicking the behaviour of a browser in a bricks-and-mortar book shop, which is the final stage before clicking the BUY button.

What sets Self-Marketing Insights apart is our commitment to personalised guidance. We provide authors with a roadmap for improvement, offering targeted recommendations to refine both their marketing and selling endeavours. With Self-Marketing Insights, authors can transform their passion into profit, navigating the self-publishing landscape with confidence and strategic finesse. Elevate your self-published success – choose Self-Marketing Insights, where your story meets its audience.
Q. Which books are eligible for this service?
A. Any book which is available on the Amazon Kindle book store, or is ready to be published. Contact us below for our requirements.
Q. What do I receive?
A. You will get a full report, around 8-10 pages minimum, detailing our analysis for the 3 phases of our service. See description and charts above.
Q. Who are you?
A. I am an author who has been self-publishing since 2010. Before that, I worked for decades in industry, including in executive positions with responsibility for sales and marketing. I have extensive experience in marketing and sales, and have researched the psychology of sales and purchasing, visual stimuli and advertising design.
Q. What does it cost?
A. We generally spend at least 4-5 hours doing our research, deriving our analysis, and writing the report. We use examples of best practice, where appropriate. Our charge for this service is £100 per book title.
Q. What 's the next stage?
A. Send me a message using the form below, with a link to your ebook in the Amazon Kindle store, and I will get back to you on eligibility, whether I feel I can help you, and details for payment.
Q. What  about afterwards?
A. I am happy to support you in the transition towards a better marketing strategy, so for a period of One Month from delivery of the report, I am available to give specific advice on any changes you choose to make e.g. renewed critique of blurb/description, opinion on new cover designs, etc.
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