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I was born in Solihull, England, and spent a good deal of my life pursuing a career in engineering. However, in my late 40s, I had run out of excuses, so began a hobby which turned into a part-time obsession and then a full-time career.

I spent several years working in short, literary fiction, before I transitioned into genre fiction - novels and short stories. And I discovered this was where my passion lay.

To date, I have published 2 collections of short fiction; four thriller novels and a box set under my Jack Warwick pen name; three cosy crime novels under my own name (and a box set) and several books useful to authors on writing and publishing craft. 

In addition to all this high-jinks, you can catch me pontificating about literary short stories on the [ Literary Roadhouse ] most weeks.

In my leisure time I like to walk or ride my bike, unless it's raining. Or cold. Or dark.

Thank you for reading. That's all I ask.
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My Mastodon account is: @authorgerald@home.social 
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April 2022
Where I announce the launch date for the online course The Efficient Novelist.

January 2022:
Where I look back on 2021, and the highlights and successes; and look forward to 2022, with plans and aims and targets (NO RESOLUTIONS!)

October 2021:
Where I talk about our writing group’s Retreat, which is always great fun. And my fiction extract was a fun piece for the flash fiction competition for the retreat. There’s much more besides.

September 2021:
Where I share details of my Efficient Novelist programme (with links to my book on the subject), and the writing advice from the blog concerns choosing genre or commercial fiction for your novels. There’s much more besides.

August 2021:
Where I talk about my new programme for authors: The Efficient Novelist. This is a unique programme, developed for and tested by authors, to create a solid body of work, to gain more readers. There is a sample of my short fiction from one of my collections. I talk about going to Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, which is happening soon. And I feature a post from my blog, about location research. It’s all very interesting!

July 2021:
Where I talk about my new release: Body Under The Pier; a book from last year written under my Jack Warwick pseudonym; my Efficient Novelist programme; and I include a piece of short fiction from one of my collections.

May 2021:
Where I talk about efficiency in writing, I have an extract from one of my collections of short fiction, and a new announcement from Amazon.

April 2021:
Where I announce the release of my 6th novel, and share some information from my blog and news about the Efficient Novelist course. There’s also come information from the publishing industry.

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