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I was born in Solihull, England, and spent a good deal of my life pursuing a career in engineering. However, in my late 40s, I had run out of excuses, so began a hobby which turned into a part-time obsession and then a full-time career.

I spent several years working in short, literary fiction, before I transitioned into genre fiction - novels and short stories. And I discovered this was where my passion lay.

To date, I have published 2 collections of short fiction, four thriller novels, a box set under my Jack Warwick pen name, and several books useful to authors on writing and publishing craft. I have just published (December 2020) my first crime novel under my own name.

In addition to all this high-jinks, you can catch me pontificating about literary short stories on the [ Literary Roadhouse ] most weeks and, occasionally, on the monthly book club at that place.
I'm also part-owner of three, writing-related companies:
The Novel Makers [ TheNovelMakers ] is set up to help writers and get their manuscripts into print. Our tag line is "From Writer to Author - We'll Show You How". We work with writers on their manuscripts, helping them with the creative process on their first draft, and then working with them to produce a publishable novel. Specifically, we currently offer novel appraisals and mentoring, and we will be rolling out a suite of online courses to enable you to work at your own pace to improve your writing and creative skills.
Writer Support [ Writer Support ] "You Write. We Support" fills in the blanks that The Novel Makers doesn't cover. We work with writers of short fiction, memoirs, and can edit, format and publish their works. 
Hard Pressed Books [ Hard Pressed Books ] is my publisher, and they also offer publishing services to other independent authors.

Away from the business of writing, I'm a member of three local writing groups, each of which is different to the others.

I'm in The Victory Book club - our meetings are held in a local pub. Called The Victory. What's not to like? Books, people, beer. A perfect night out.

In my leisure time I ride my bike, unless it's raining. Or cold. Or dark.

Thank you for reading. That's all I ask.
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