☆ We will proofread your manuscript for typos and simple mistakes, and we will agree, with you, a final text
☆ We will design an ebook cover AND a wraparound paperback cover (subject to your approval and ideas)
☆ We will design the interior for both ebook and paperback versions (design subject to your approval)
☆ We will publish your book in both ebook and paperback formats
☆ ALL royalties will be paid to you, quarterly *
Yes! I am interested in your publishing package

Please contact us through the "Contact" form on the "About the Author" page

This offer is based on a 30,000 – 75,000 word manuscript. If your manuscript is smaller or larger than this, please contact us using the form below.

Part 1: Editing Your Manuscript
Normally, novels undergo both Developmental Edit and Copy Edit. However, the amount of work required varies according to the experience and ability of the author. It would be impossible to make a fixed price offer without seeing the type and quality of the work needed. If you feel you need these services, they can be provided through an associate of ours, who is a formally trained and approved member of the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders.

Our fixed price offer includes proof reading:
Proof reading:
This is the last phase of manuscript preparation before the book is published. There must be NO more changes to the text of the manuscript after this stage. This is literally the final stage, looking for odd errors which have crept through during changes in previous edits. Any final niggles, typos, spelling or grammatical errors will be highlighted here.
You will get a fully marked-up manuscript to approve before we move onto the next stage which is Publishing.

Part Two: Preparing to Publish
Interior design

Often called formatting your manuscript:
* We will ask you to decide on the size of paperback book you want. There are a number of standard and non-standard sizes available. We can guide you in your choice.

* We will offer you a selection of interior design to choose from.

* We will ask you for ‘front & back matter’ which is the dedication, about the author, author notes, acknowledgements, etc.

* We will add the copyright page, but you must confirm that you are legally permitted to publish the work.

* We will prepare the manuscript for uploading as both paperback and eBook

Cover design
* We will show you a number of templates and ask what sort of cover you would like. Note: there are genre-appropriate standards for cover design, and we suggest you look at other books in your category for examples, or we will use examples to guide us.

* You choose overall theme, colour and font

* You will supply images you would like to use or we can supply copyright free images. If you supply the images, you must confirm that you have the copyright to use those images.

* You will supply back cover blurb – the description of the book, which is useful when you are marketing your book.

*We will generate a print book (wraparound – front, spine and rear) and eBook cover.
NB – we will work with you to provide the best cover, so we will modify our design twice following your feedback. Any further modifications may incur a small charge.

Part Three: Publishing
* We will ask you to confirm the title and author name which you want assigned to the book and printed on the cover.

* We will ascribe an ISBN number (title and author name cannot be changed once an ISBN has been ascribed.)

* We will ask you to make choices about how your print book looks – paper, and cover finish (matte/glossy, etc)

* We will ask you about the price you would like to charge for your book and advise you about royalty payments (you receive all royalties from your book). There are some examples figures below.

* We will upload your interior and cover and ask you to check it online, or you can order a proof copy of the book to be delivered to you

If you wish to make changes to the interior or cover after we have uploaded for publishing, we will need to make a small charge to cover our costs. These costs are detailed below in Pricing.

Once you have approved the interior and exterior designs, we will complete the publishing process!
Your book will be live on Amazon 24- 48 hours later
You can order author copies through us at a discount price + postage and packing to a single UK address per order.

What it costs:
Proofreading, formatting, design, uploading, verifying and publishing:


Payment schedule:

Payment 1: £400 before work begins to proof read and design.

Payment 2: Balance £350 – on your acceptance of proofed manuscript and completed cover design.

If changes are requested AFTER submitting the approved manuscript and design to Amazon, we will need to make a small charge to cover our costs. You will be charged a fee of £25.00 for first hour + £20 per extra hour.

In the unlikely event that we have made a mistake, it will be fixed free of charge.

Part Four: Royalties
Every time a book is sold, be it paperback or ebook, a small royalty payment is accrued. As an example, an ebook priced at £2.99 will normally generate a royalty of around £2.06 per copy. A £1.99 ebook generates a royalty of £1.38 per copy.
A paperback novel of 306 pages, and priced at £7.99, will generate a royalty of £1.03 per copy. A novella of 134 pages, and priced at £4.99 will generate a royalty of £0.95 per copy.

NB: All of the figures are a guideline only. Actual royalty payments may vary, according to size of book, number of pages, size of ebook file, and changing royalty rates outside of our control. Foreign sales will be reported in the local currency, but payments will be made in UK Pounds. Exchange rates will be those used by Amazon.

Payment of your royalties
Traditional publishing companies pay royalties on a six-monthly basis. At Hard Pressed Books, we pay royalties every quarter.

NB. Royalties accrued from sales on Amazon are paid out to publishers eight weeks after the end of the month in which the sales were made. Therefore, our payment schedule will be:

Quarter One:
Sales through Amazon: January 1st - March 31st.
Payment to publisher: May 31st.
Reporting date and payment to author: June 5th or sooner

Quarter Two:
Sales through Amazon: April 1st - June 30th.
Payment to publisher: August 31st.
Reporting date and payment to author: September 5th or sooner

Quarter Three:
Sales through Amazon: July 1st - September 30th.
Payment to publisher: November 30th.
Reporting date and payment to author: December 5th or sooner

Quarter Four:
Sales through Amazon: October 1st - December 31st.
Payment to publisher: February 28th.
Reporting date and payment to author: March 5th or sooner

Hard Pressed Books will not be liable for changes to this calendar forced upon us by changes in Amazon's reporting or payment terms.

Royalty earnings will be shown on a spreadsheet from Amazon’s reporting system, which shows units sold in both ebook and paperback, and territories where those sales were made.

Payments to authors will be made by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to a British bank.
We will instigate payment on or before the reporting date. Funds may take several days to appear in your account. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the client’s bank, or for errors passed on by the client to Hard Pressed Books (e.g. incorrect or out of date banking details).
All payments will be subject to a administration fee of 10% of the total royalty payment.

All communication to the client will be through email.
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