This new 4-book box set has all the excitement and intrigue you could wish for in a John Grisham, James Patterson or Michael Connolly!

DECEIT: Abi Gillespie’s life is turned upside-down when her brother is killed when a clearly-marked hospital in Syria is destroyed. But as the ranks of politics and big business close in, will Abi ever find the answer: Why was Adrian killed?
MELTDOWN: Put together an ageing nuclear power station, a maintenance worker with a grudge, a local corrupt landowner and the heaviest rain for years.
What could possibly go wrong?
CORRUPTION: A young mother, working hard to build her business and care for her disabled child, is forced into making uncomfortable decisions. And thus begins a spiral of corruption, where business and politics meet, and where innocents like Caroline Trafford are treated as pawns in a bigger political game.
WILDFIRE: A US firefighter is in a small Yorkshire town to deal with an inheritance. But he sees danger in the bone-dry landscape, exacerbated by the locals’ desire to set a celebration barbecue for the whole town. Will they listen to his warnings? It only takes one spark …
“If you’re looking for a page turning story with a great plot then look no further. Brilliant characters and great plot.”
“After reading Jack Warwick's novel Deceit I was really looking forward to Meltdown and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to more from Jack Warwick!”

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