Author Support Services

As someone who has been around the internet since it was steam-powered, I've seen a variety of websites come and go. Same with social media accounts.

If you're an author, what's more important - maintaining an internet presence, or writing books?
It's writing books, of course it is. Creating and maintaining a website can be very expensive, and time-consuming.
I will help you create an online presence which will work for you, not against you. For an economical up-front cost, you can have a personally-designed website which will show you and your products to a wider world. In addition, your social media accounts can be a positive addition to your marketing efforts, instead of a drain and, worse, an annoyance to the very people you're trying to reach.

I can help with both of these things.

Also, I am an experienced self-publisher. I have cultivated experienced contacts in all branches of the publishing world - cover designers, editors, and formatters. Let me create your ebook or print book, and allow you to do what you love, and which suits your business best - WRITING BOOKS!

Now, I've rolled all these services into a business that I run with my partner called:
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