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Following the successful launch of the Efficient Novelist programme at Swanwick Summer Writers' School, there were requests for some extra clarity on a few of the images used in the book.
I'm happy to provide these images on this page.
Further details on the book (and programme) can be found on the page < HERE >
A complete online course, supported by video guidance and downloads, will be available soon at:
This is the central core of the Efficient Novelist programme - the production timeline.
If you have the book, the descriptions will explain the spreadsheet.

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This is my "Character Connections" chart.
It shows some of the potential connections to my main character, and helps when I'm filling out my cast of characters.

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This is my first A3 paper "idea sheet". It's like a very rough mind map. Ideas about characters, situations, plot elements, all go on here. I might use them, I might not.
But it's a way of getting the ideas out of my head and onto paper.
This is a 'beat sheet'. It's the principle beats from Blake Snyder's "Save The Cat" book, into which I develop the ideas from the Snowflake 5 paragraphs into 15 specific beats.
With this, we're starting to develop the story structure in some details.
This is a screenshot from PLOTTR, a piece of software I use for creating the individual scenes which comprise my stories.
For details on exactly how I use this software, please see my book or the upcoming course at:
If you're interested in trying / buying Plottr for yourself, here's a handy (affiliate!) link:
And now this is a screenshot from the formatting software we use: VELLUM
It takes in a MS Word .docx file, and creates ebook and print book files using some flexible templates already provided.
The downsides is that it's quite expensive ($300 at the time of writing for both ebook and print book version), and currently it's Mac-only.
But it's great for us.
This is my version of a Save The Cat template for Plottr.
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