#SampleSunday – 16th Jan 2011

Prologue to DEATH IN PRINT The dark green jacket kept most of the rain off his body, but his hair was plastered, dark and slick, to the top of his head. To one side, a cracked downpipe allowed rainwater to drip, drip, drip onto the shiny pavements. It was late, and there were few cars, and even fewer pedestrians. The gloomy interior of the bookshop showed little detail, save for those few items at the front illuminated by the streetlights. The interior was not his point of interest. A letter-sized promotional flyer was crudely stuck to the inside of the … Continue reading #SampleSunday – 16th Jan 2011

Gathering together

I’ve nearly finished the sort-through of all my short works, going back over several years. Following some great online advice, I’m almost certainly going to collect the shorts into ‘collections’, and give these away free. I’m also going to be giving away samples of my writing here, and various other online locations. Finally, I’m going to be writing some new short stories, featuring the characters in my serial novels, which (hopefully) will introduce them to a new audience. We shall see! Continue reading Gathering together