Essex Book Festival

My partner, [ Anita Belli ] has been booked for several drop-in sessions with the [ Essex Book Festival ], working with children and adults to help them with their creativity.

In addition, Anita, myself and our colleague [ Ellie Holmes ] are present at the Essex Author Day. This is a chance for Essex people to meet authors in person, and chat to them about their writing and their books. We shall be taking this opportunity to launch [ TheNovelMakers ], our joint venture, with a one-hour presentation.


The NovelMakers

There’s a new project on the go! In conjunction with my colleagues and partners Anita Belli and Ellie Holmes, we have created a new venture.

The intention is to help novel writers and, as we say, turn a Writer into an Author – helping them from their manuscript to produce a publishable novel.

We will be offering mentoring and manuscript appraisal services in the short term. Eventually, we will be expanding on our business offer, to include online courses to help improve and polish a client’s writing.

For now, have a look at the website [ TheNovelMakers ] that we’ve been working on, and check out my colleagues’ websites:

[ Anita Belli ]
[ Ellie Holmes ]