Book reviews!

Yes! I shall be doing book reviews.

The reason being is that I write and read a lot. I don’t read enough, though. I love reading, and those times when the internet is unavailable to me are a blessing in disguise, because there is almost nothing to distract me from reading. I have a To Be Read pile that is longer than a very long thing, and it’s growing almost by the day.

So, what shall we start with?

5 stars


wine at breakfastWine at Breakfast by Claire King

This is a very short story,, currently free on Amazon. It’s probably more like flash fiction, and will take you around 10 minutes to read. The story is based around the events at Chernobyl in April 1986


But the story is told from the point of view of one family, and gives an amazing insight into Russian life, what they’re told, and what they’re not told. It’s a fantastic piece of writing, and a lesson for anyone who wants to write short fiction.