Too famous to edit?

I spend a little part of every day on Twitter. I probably spend too much time on Twitter, if I’m honest. Sometimes, it’s a bit … meh, and sometimes it’s red hot.

Yesterday, someone I followed posted this:

“You know when artists get so famous their work isn’t edited properly …”

and they went on to quote a few pieces of work.
Basically asking if the bigger the author gets, reputation- and following-wise, the more influence they have on the production side of their book. Specifically, editing.

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Guest blog post

  I’m very pleased to have been asked by a writer friend, Jane Rusbridge, to  write a short piece on her blog about editing for the independent writer.

You can read it HERE

Jane has had her debut novel, ‘The Devil’s Music’ published by Bloomsbury, and is available for Kindle from Amazon. If you prefer, you can buy it direct from Bloomsbury, or you can buy it from your local independent bookshop.

Her new book, ‘Rook’, will be available in August 2012 from Bloomsbury.