Jumping into 2019

I’m splitting my look forward to 2019 into two parts: my own writing, and my writing-related business plans. In terms of writing in the near future, I’m participating in the 100kwords100days challenge again, and the project for that has the title “Meltdown”. It’s a thriller. It’s something I wrote (badly) a few years ago, but I’ve now restructured it, and I’m going to rewrite it, hopefully better than I wrote it originally. It currently stands at 47k bad words, but with the new structure in place, I’m expecting it to become well over 60k of hopefully better words during the … Continue reading Jumping into 2019

End of year – 2018

Look back on 2018 This was an interesting year, for sure. I looked back on my goals for 2018, written around this time last year.Embarrassing.2018 was going to be The Year Of Publishing Dangerously.I was going to publish at least 4 (count ‘em) novels this last year. I was also going to publish two collections of short fiction, too.Hmm. That didn’t quite happen.One of the problems with a huge store of Works-In-Progress is that it’s difficult to decide what you should concentrate on. Which will have the most beneficial effect on my writing career? Which do I want to publish … Continue reading End of year – 2018

Look ahead to 2018

As I’ve explained before, I don’t do resolutions. There’s just something about stating a specific goal, which then becomes a binary success indicator – you either ‘win’, or you ‘lose’. Or else they become wishy-washy, “I resolve to not eat so much junk food” type resolutions. No. I’m a goal person. It’s good to have goals in life, especially when you want to achieve something. And what do I want to achieve? I want to publish more of my writing. 2018 is *that* year, when I’m going to publish some of my long-form fiction (i.e. novels). For those that don’t … Continue reading Look ahead to 2018

End of year 2017

2017 ROUNDUP Hello, faithful reader (who am I kidding?) As you may know, if you’ve ever been near this blog before, at the end of the year I analyse what I’ve done, writing-wise, during the year. And I use last year’s writing goals as the yardstick by which I measure my success over the year. So, without further ado, let’s look at how I measured up. 1) Write one short story a week for the Bradbury Challenge 2017. I can definitely do this. I have far too many ideas for me to stop writing them now. Okay. Let’s start with … Continue reading End of year 2017

Story structure

I’ve been thinking a lot about story construction for months and months. I’ve tried various structures – 3-Act; 8-Part; 12 pillars; multi-layer 10 key scene; snowflake. All of them sort of work, in that they help me keep focussed on the story, what the key, underlying theme is, and help me keep an even pace throughout the story. But is this good for my writing? Is it taking the creativity out of it? I’m an engineer. I was born into an engineering family, my father was an engineer, both of my older brothers were engineers. We rode cycles we built … Continue reading Story structure

Happy New Year!

As you may or may not know, I don’t do New Year Resolutions. I don’t like the binary, succeed / fail result that they cause. Most of life isn’t digital – it’s analog, so in that way, my 2017 targets will be just that – targets. Things to aim for, ideals. First of all, let’s look back at last years’s targets, and see which have been smart targets and have been achieved, and which were ludicrous (in hindsight). 2016 TARGETS 1) Write one short story a week for the Bradbury Challenge – SUCCESS! 2) Complete the 100kwords100days challenge – FAIL! … Continue reading Happy New Year!

End of year 2016

It’s strange, looking back. 2016 was an interesting year, away from writing – we had the EU referendum, and the USA elections, both of which returned surprising, not to say, unexpected, results. Both results could see huge changes in what happens in both the UK and the USA in the coming months and years The binary voting system (voting for just one option or another) had created a huge fallout, with a lot of animosity on both sides toward the other. Strange times. 2016 also saw the passing of a number of heroes, including David Bowie, Prince, Mohamed Ali, Robert … Continue reading End of year 2016

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

No, I don’t know what it means, either. And I don’t like the term “winning” when it relates to NaNoWriMo. It’s very binary, and I think we’ve had enough binary decisions this year. If there is a winner, then there must be a loser, and losing has such bad connotations for those who can’t deal with it. But, the bottom line is, I completed the NaNoWriMo, 50,000 words in a month challenge. What did I write? Well, one of the things I advocate about NaNoWriMo is to use it to experiment with your writing. At the end of November, even … Continue reading Winner, winner, chicken dinner.