Dreams of becoming a full-time author

Do you want to become a full-time author?

Do you dream of sitting in your study, looking out on a beautiful landscape, crafting wonderful novels which sell in their thousands to sustain your comfortable lifestyle?

I know I’ve had this pipedream for many years. I know a lot of us do, and although the second sentence is, for most of us, a flight of fancy, it IS possible to give up your full-time job and write for a living.

But the question is: how much are you prepared to do to make that dream a reality? Are you prepared to take a long, hard look at what you write, and how you write? If you could make a few small changes to your writing life, would it be worth doing it to have a shot at becoming that full-time author you’ve always wanted to be?

I’m not talking about major changes here. In my course, I show you how I investigate the market for my books, create stories in a way that doesn’t waste time undoing and redoing what I’ve already done, and reliably publish a professional novel without fuss. 

I’m a full-time author, and although royalty payments only make up a part of my income, sales of my books, and hence royalties from those sales, are increasing, year on year. I’m reaching a wider audience. I’m fast approaching a time when my only job will be to write stories. 

Over the past couple of years, I have developed a way of creating stories, crafting manuscripts and publishing novels which produces four, high-quality products per year. I write commercial fiction novels in popular genres, so I know there is a good market for my work.

Following the hard work I’ve put into this course, I now reliably publish a new novel every three months. My back catalogue is growing, my book series gather readers who follow the stories in every book I write.

I shall be a full-time fiction author soon. Maybe you can be, too.

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