These WordPress blogs have pretty good spam filters, and not much bets through. Earlier today, I was asked by the blog software if I wanted to approve the following comment:

Fabulously, I justified strike 60 and am extraordinarily epigrammatic on gold an eye to my 60 epic turf mount. I plot to toe-hold about 500-1,000. Anyone conscious of any to do so? Thanks

I wondering if he doesn’t manage to toe-hold 500-1,000, but only managed 450, what will happen? Will his life be destroyed? Should I be worried about his rather ambitious targets? I am, however, pleased that at 60 he has an epic turf mount, which I think everyone should aim for when they reach retirement age.

And I think it’s nice he said “Thanks” at the end. I do like a polite spammer.

I think that’s a cool statement, and I shall attempt to McGuffin it into my next short story.


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