We’re less that two weeks away from the beginning of November, and the start of NaNoWriMo 2012.

I currently have three ideas for stories – one at least half-planned, and two roughly planned. More planning needed, and decisions to make. I have considered doing a double NaNo – writing either 100,000 words, or two 50,000 word pieces. I like a challenge, me, even if it does sound stupid when I’m sober.

I’m also doing a bit of podcasting – I’ve uploaded a short videocast .: HERE :. and there’s an audio podcast too, when I can find somewhere to host it.

So, today, I’m planning a bit more on the other two story ideas, and I hope to be able to make a choice by the end of the day as to whether I’ll be doing one or two, and which of the ideas I’m going to write.

Edit: my audio podcast site is .: HERE :.


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    I’m NaNoing in Cambridge this year. It’ll be a first for me and I’m planning to write a sequel to my Tudor novel. I’ve even got a plot worked out before I start (another first). I’m only aiming at the 50K though, nothing too ambitious for me.

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