I’m Gerald and, apart from many other things, I’m a writer. To date (end 2010) I’ve written approaching 300,000 words. Most of which are not very good, but in amongst them are some reasonable ones. Some of them actually make sense, and sort of fit in with the other words that are sitting around them.

Since leaving school, I’ve worked in engineering all of my life until I took early retirement a couple of years ago. Most of the engineering work has been involved in the design and implementation of computer-controlled systems for manufacturing. Pretty neat.

Nowadays, I write, I walk the dog, I do ‘normal’ stuff. I live with my wife, a dog and two cats by the sea in the East of England.

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  1. Is that you Gerald of old from the Trans Tec days. If so Gavin from Oz is in the UK till 28th February and would like to catch up .Drop us a line.Cheers Gavin

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