2015 – what was that all about then?

As is common, I’m using this blog post to look back on the year that is past, and then writing another blog post looking forward to the year which is to come. Firstly, let’s see what I achieved in 2015: 1. NaNoWriMo. I ‘won’ NaNo again – my 11th win in 12 attempts, writing over 56,000 words of a political conspiracy thriller. This year, I used a slightly different method of planning the book. I had the whole novel planned out in broad terms in advance, then detailed plans were drawn up a few days in advance of me writing … Continue reading 2015 – what was that all about then?

Hitting the wall

Hello. I’m Gerald, and I write. I write lots. In my Works In Progress spreadsheet, I have 36 titles. Yes, 36. Over 1.1 million words. But out of all those words and titles, I have only 4 finished first drafts containing just over 200,000 words. Really? Are you kidding me? What’s going on? You may well ask. A lot of those unfinished titles were written as part of NaNoWriMo. So, the big question is: why do I have so much trouble actually finishing off my novels? And the truth is: I don’t know. However … I’m not alone. I watched … Continue reading Hitting the wall


I’m like a donkey in the desert. The donkey in the desert is a story, wherein a hungry and thirsty donkey, wandering through the desert (stay with me here) climbs a rise, and sees food. And water. And, by a strange quirk of fate, finds himself exactly in the middle of the food and water. Should he eat first, then drink? Or drink first, then eat? What a quandary. And so the donkey, not being able to decide whether he needs water or food more, stays stationary for hours. And dies. Happy story, huh? I’ve written a ton of stuff … Continue reading *silence*

A drabble (100 words)

I was providing a little support for an author friend, and we both wrote a drabble (strict 100 word story) to accompany the following photo: Colin paused, bending double, his breathing slowing, ruing all those expense-account lunches. He straightened again, looking up at the sky. In the distance, dark clouds were gathering. He turned, and his breath caught in his throat. “What the …?” Nestled amongst the trees, a door – white paint peeling and faded, innocuous in the natural surroundings. A glassed Gothic arch above bled feeble yellow light into the deepening gloom. He approached, slowly, carefully, dried twigs … Continue reading A drabble (100 words)

Book reviews!

Yes! I shall be doing book reviews. The reason being is that I write and read a lot. I don’t read enough, though. I love reading, and those times when the internet is unavailable to me are a blessing in disguise, because there is almost nothing to distract me from reading. I have a To Be Read pile that is longer than a very long thing, and it’s growing almost by the day. So, what shall we start with?   Wine at Breakfast by Claire King http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wine-at-Breakfast-Short-Story-ebook/dp/B00NBZSOL8/ This is a very short story,, currently free on Amazon. It’s probably more … Continue reading Book reviews!

Hello, 2015!

No New Year Resolutions here. This is a resolution-free zone. Just some goals, smart targets, desires, that sort of thing. * I’d like to think I shall be writing at least a quarter of a million words this year. Last year, I wrote more than 276,000, but that was with very little editing, and no publishing. I now have an office, so I have no excuse (I actually have hundreds of excuses, but I’m keeping those for this time next year). With a scheduled two sessions of #100kwords100days and a #NaNoWriMo, there’s 250k right there. Of course, I’d like to … Continue reading Hello, 2015!

Goodbye, 2014

Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I? My wordcount for 2014 topped 276,000 words. Most of those were written during two editions of #100kwords100days (January and July) and NaNoWriMo. That’s quite a lot of words. More impressively (for me, anyway) that the total includes three completed works-in-progress – one to first draft stage (42k of dark horror), and two to draft zero stage (one at 70k, and one at 54k, both apocalyptic fiction). I’ve got several other works part-completed, too. I’ve got two crime stories standing at nearly 30k, which should be completed early in the new year. Publishing? … Continue reading Goodbye, 2014

Post NaNoWriMo – an update

It’s now the 10th of December, and I’m still writing. You might have noticed a stream of little bits of writing in a “Small Stones Dec 2014” category. It’s from the River of Small Stones idea which started a few years ago. I wrote about it then. It’s a great idea to get / keep your creative juices flowing in the post-NaNo slump. I know they’re not very good. I’m no poet, and I don’t have the breadth of symbolism required to make them really good, but I like them. I have forgotten to upload them each day, which is … Continue reading Post NaNoWriMo – an update

Small Stone – 10th Dec 2014

A French-blue sky, blue as cobalt, azure-blue, blue as primula, as … the sky. Stretching from horizon to horizon. The sun, low and hazy, brings scant warmth, but its brightness bathes the land in defiance of incoming weather. A weather bomb, about to explode on our shores, bringing winds, rain, snow, and who knows what aftereffects. But for now, people are smiling, saying “good morning, lovely day.” Because it is.  And it was. An amazingly blue sky, without a cloud in sight. Continue reading Small Stone – 10th Dec 2014

Small Stone – 9th Dec 2014

Fresh sand and clay piles high on the beach as a mini-waterfall splashes onto the sand. A tiny ‘swoosh’, and a huge lump of cliff releases itself and crashes milliseconds later in front of me. This is coastal erosion in action. I move nearer the sea. The sandstone cliffs near to us are eroding at a rate of around 1-2m per year. It costs too much to protect it, so we’re watching it disappear before our very eyes. Continue reading Small Stone – 9th Dec 2014