It’s been another year, hasn’t it? Crikey. And we still seem to be no further forward with the epidemic in the UK, with indecision in our government and both anxiety and obstinacy present in our communities at the same time. Weird times.

Anyway, let’s move into the roundup of my year.

During 2021, I published the second and third book in my “Body” series, [ Body in the Hut ] and [ Body under the Pier ]. Both have gone down very well with my readers. Then, around the middle of the year, I began thinking of formalising my writing process, which then tied in with a course I was delivering at the [ Swanwick Summer School ]. And, of course, there was a book to go with that, entitled [ The Efficient Novelist ].
But that was it on the publishing front. I have, however, planned two books in an upcoming Witford Mysteries cosy crime series, which will begin to come out in the new year. So things are positive.

We had some business progress this year across a number of fronts, including editing, internal book design and publishing. Anita delivered her excellent [ A Month Of Writing Adventure } project, which was enjoyed by all children who took part, and whose teachers really appreciated how it shook off the shackles of a literacy curriculum and engaged the children in positive creativity. I helped with some of the video production on this. But [ Writer Support ] and [ Hard Pressed Books ] are still going strong.

Online courses are something we have put some effort into in the past, and have a [ Teachable writing school ] which would be ideal for the [ Efficient Novelist Course ]. As I write this, I have the course outline uploaded and some of the lessons uploaded, too. It’s not quite ready for students yet, but it will be available for an early bird special offer very soon. There are some resources [ on my website ].

Well, although the writing / publishing didn’t quite go according to plan, and catching Covid towards the end of the year didn’t help, it’s been a reasonably productive year. I’m all-out on the Efficient Novelist online course right now, and expect to be able to open that up in the next week or so. Covid also interrupted the output of my newsletter, which was a shame. I just couldn’t do the work to get it out. However, it has been admired by many, and will be restarting for the new year.

If you’re interested in the Efficient Novelist program, there’s a Twitter account, but it’s fairly quiet at the moment. It might be worth a follow for future updates: @EfficientNovels

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